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The opening of the Çanakkale 18 Mart University Hyperbaric Unit which contains the pressure room bought with the support of Mr. Mustafa V. Koç, member of our Board of Directors, was held on March 28.

During the opening, it was noted that the Hyperbaric Unit is often used to treat carbon monoxide heater poisoning, often seen in the area due to adverse winds, and treatment of illnesses due to diabetes. The unit will also serve the underwater tourism in the area.

Physician Dr. Selva Zeren, who is responsible of the unit with a team consisting of one technician and one nurse, stated that for the moment they were giving full capacity treatment in one session a day but were planning to start working two sessions a day due to requests.

Underwater Medicine and the Department of Hyperbaric Medicine have been introduced and started giving education in the Faculty of Medicine of Çanakkale 18 Mart University.

The possibility of Hyperbolic Treatment, of vital importance in this area which is a popular skin diving location, is an important and pleasing news for those interested in underwater sports.  We are grateful to our Board member Mustafa V. Koç for his generous donation.