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Sadun Boro, the first Turkish seafarer who travelled around the world, honoured us by participating in our Board Meeting held on Monday January 30th.

Sadun Boro, whose log book of the world trip he started in 1965 was published by the Hürriyet newspaper during his trip, inspired love for the sea and sailing to many children and youngsters with his articles and books.

Boro not only inspires love for the sea but also campaigns against sea pollution, the protection of the shores and the forests.

His boat “Kısmet” is at the Rahmi Koç Museum since 2010. The new mission of Kısmet that has introduced seamanship to many generations is to bring to light love for the sea and the adventure spirit in future generations.

At the meeting, we told Sadun Boro the objectives of the Foundation and shared our future projects. On this occasion, we also found the chance to have him sign his book Vira Demir which is a kind of guide book for seafarers.


Sadun Boro, the first Turkish seafarer to travel around the world, was born in Istanbul in 1928. He grew up along the shores of Caddebostan and his first meeting with the sea was with a row boat. He studied at the Galatasaray Lycée. In 1948, he went to England to study textile. During his stay in England, in 1952, he took his first 6 month long high-sea Atlantic trip with an English seafarer on an 11 m long sailboat called “Ling”.

In 1963, Boro had his own sailboat “Kısmet” built. In 1965, he set on a world tour in his 10,5 m long boat “Kısmet” with his wife of German origin Oda Boro. Their cat “Miço” that they got in the Canary Islands accompanied them on their trip. The trip took three years and Boro wrote his experiences that were published by Hürriyet throughout his trip. In 1977-79, they travelled in the Caribbean and the east shores of North America with their daughter who was 8 at the time.

Sadun Boro has campaigned greatly for the protection of the south Aegean shores, particularly for areas such as Gökova, Göcek, Fethiye. A lover of Gökova, Boro’s Mermaid sculpture that he had made in the middle of Gökova bay and donated to the bay is famous.

Sadun Boro collected his memoirs of his world trip in his book Pupa Yelken. In 2004, he published his book Bir Hayalin Peşinde. His last book Vira Yelken is a sort of seafarers’ guide that begins in Istanbul and ends in Iskenderun.