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Our Foundation applied to one of the European Union 7th Framework programmes in collaboration with Uludağ University.

Reinforcing the scientific and technological base of Europe, supporting industrial competition and encouraging cooperation between countries are among the main objectives of the Framework Programmes, the major Union Programme supporting multi-national research and technology development projects in the European Union. The 7th Framework Programme that will be in effect in 2007-2013 and aims at creating a unified European Research Area has been structured so as to enable the EU to attain its objectives.

Unfortunately, our project called ‘Innovative Technologies and Applications for Coastal Archaeological sites (ITACA)’ for which we applied with 16 participants from 7 different countries was rejected for this year. We are considering to review the project and together with the other applicants to reapply in the next term.

Information regarding the aims and objectives of the project and the people and organizations participating in the project can be found in the attached file.

Preliminary abstract Draft 1.3