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Our Founding President Ayhan Sicimoğlu presided  two  sessions related to Underwater Archaeology  at the International Turkish Maritime History Congress held on 5/8 November under the patronage of our Honorary Member Metin Ataç.  

Our member Yasemin Pirinçcioğlu who undertook the organization of the event presented all the foreign scientists and participants books prepared by Jeff Hakko introducing TINA Foundation and introductory DVDs of the Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum.
Our Foundation was positive about the participation proposal to sponsor the Piri Reis promotional exhibitions to be held in Rijeka and Zadar in Croatia next year on the occasion of the Piri Reis 500th year celebrations supported by Unesco. Our letter was sent along with the letter sent by the museum to get the permission and support of the Ministry of Culture of Croatia.

Our Foundation will content itself by providing the cartography work that will be the subject of the promotion of Piri Reis.
Our efforts to establish cooperation between the Underwater Archaeology Center of Zadar that we have announced in our web page and our Urla Anküsam Underwater Archaeology Center has shown  positive development and the centers are maintaining talks regarding diving and activity exchange in the summer of 2013.

Piri Reis promotion

Turkish Maritime History Congress