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TINA Foundation institutes a Laboratory and Depot Unit at the Çeşme Castle

Coat of Arms of the Halep Ship brought with the cooperation of TINA and

the Naval Forces

August, 2010

Izmir Foça- Marseilles a Trip in History

TINA sponsored project for the Ankara University Urla-Limantepe

Underwater Research Center.

April 2008

AE2 Workshop

December 2006

Work done for the Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum

September 2005

Sea Hunters Press Conference -  Çanakkale Marina

Letter sent by the President of ANKUSAM of Ankara University regarding

TINA contributions to the Bağlararası Excavations.

Sea Hunters Press Conference - Rahmi Koç Museum

November 2005

METU SAT 20th year Underwater Imaging and Short Film Competition

Press Release

May 2004

AE2 Looking For Its Future

June 2002

Underwater Archaeology Workshop

September 2001

TINA-INA Joint Survey

June 2001

PANEL: Turkey and Underwater Archaeology

June 2009

Jeff Hakko - Historical Diving Equipment Exhibition

İstanbul Naval Museum.


July 2000

Oğuz Aydemir's Contributions to the Bodrum Museum

Cycladic Vessels Revival Project

December 2011

Workshop on Climate change in Turkey and the Preservation of

Cultural Heritage

December 2011

Kybele returns to Urla

October 2012

Information plates of the Bağlararası Area Bronze Age Harbor City

Excavations procured

February 2013

The Piri Reis exhibition in Poreč

April 2013

February 2013

Letter of Appreciation and thanks received from DR. Vasıf Şahoğlu

May 2013

July 2013

Alanya Shores Archaeological Underwater Research

August, 2013

Conference given by Mr. Igor Mihaljek, Director of the Zagreb

Underwater Archaeology Conservation Center, Croatia, at the Urla

Underwater Archaeology Center.

Remains of the Bridge of Suleyman the Magnificent in OSIJEK and

Restoration Work PDF Presentation

October,  2013

Lecture on Suleyman´s Bridge in Istanbul

Exhibition of Piri Reis Maps / Zadar Croatia

January, 2014

Piri Reis Exhibition Sibenik Croatia

February, 2014

Piri Reis - Sibenik Croatia

The Piri Reis Exhibition and 360 Degrees Experimental Archaelogy

Conference will take place in the Slovenian cities of Ljubljana and Piran

under the organization of TINA and the auspices of The Turkish Embassy

from 5-7 March 2014.

May, 2014

Prime Minister of Slovenia ALENKA BRATUSEK participated at the opening of Piri Reis Exhibition in Piran organized by TINA.